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this is my 2nd tumblr awards yeyy! the award’s theme is music, but you don’t need any musical talent to enter, haha! 
must be following me, Ali (hmu-qt) yes i will be checking!
MUST reblog, likes will not be counted :) 
Quality blogs only please!
There are 14 categories and 19 winners
The Ed Sheeran Award: Best URL (2)
The Justin Bieber Award: Best Posts (1)
The Demi Lovato Award: Best Icon (3)
The One Direction Award: Best Theme (2)
The Miley Cyrus Award: Best Uploads (1)
The Katy Perry Award: Best Sidebar (2)
The Ariana Grande Award: Best Personality (see details below) (1)
The Hannah Montana Award: Best Theme Maker (if any) (1)
The Austin Mahone Award: Best Followers (see details below) (1)
The TRXYE Award: Random Winner (bc im nice :) (1)
The Diamond Award: Best Blog Overall (1)
The Platinum Award: 2nd Best Blog (1)
The Golden Award: 3rd Best Blog (1)
The 5sos Award: My Personal Favorite (1)
Category Details:
The Ariana Grande Award will be chosen by your FAQ, description, asks, etc… remember this isn’t “the nicest award” its your overall personality :) 
How to enter the Austin Mahone award (aka. Best Followers award)     1. Put out a TEXT post saying anything you want. for ex. “like this post to help me win hmu-qt’s best followers award!”      2. Tag the post with #hmu-qt-awards     3. You have entered! Whoever has the most notes when the awards end, wins the award :) IF NO ONE DOES THIS THEN THATS EMBARRASSING AND THIS CATEGORY WILL BE ELIMINATED 
Prizes: For Winners:
a solo to all my lovely followers
1 self promo per day for a week
your URL will be on my blog for a whole month
a follow from me, if not already!
i’ll give you free concert tickets… no i wont, im trying to bribe you into entering lol
The Ultimate Winners:
a solo to all my followers once a day for a week
a fansign from me! these are my fansigns
unlimited self promo in my ask for a week (don’t abuse)
your URL will be on my blog for a whole month
i’ll reblog from your uploads (if quality)
a follow from me, if not already!
Awards end September 20th 2014 
Winners will be announced September 24th 2014
No one will win more than 1 award.
Banner made by me
Any questions? ask me here
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Dapper Dans on Flickr.
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Helsinki part two
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friendly quality, message me and let’s be friends! :)